WentzWords   has   been   providing   discerning   Swiss   companies   with cultivated    English    and    professional    service    since    1991.    Business owner   Daniel   Wentz   writes,   edits,   translates   and   adapts   technical, marketing    and    business    texts    for    international    companies    and organizations,   especially   in   the   building   construction   and   machine industries,   but   also   in   the   advertising   field   and   other   technical   fields. Most   of   the   texts   are   published   as   books,   periodicals,   advertisements or   internet   content.   Daniel   Wentz   enjoys   serving   every   customer personally and handles every text in house.
You provide the background information in German or English, we provide a perfect English document.
German- English translation
Daniel Wentz, translator, author, marketing planner, architect Native   English   speaker   Daniel   Wentz   is   a   Swiss   national,   American born   and   raised.   He   is   trained   as   an   architect   (VPI&SU,   USA)   and   a Swiss   certified   marketing   planner.   With   15   years   of   experience   as   an architect    and    a    marketing    professional,    he    possesses    practical knowledge    in    both    fields.    He    has    been    a    member    of    the    Swiss Copywriters      Association      since      2005.      His      strengths      as      a communicator:   active   listening,   critical   thinking,   and   putting   your message into clear & pleasant English.
Customers Adaxys   SA,   Aeblis   Spezialitäten,   Amrein   Wohnen ,   Andermatt   Swiss Alps,    Basler    Lacke    AG,    Baumann    Springs,    Bigla    office,    Brütsch Elektronik   AG ,   Brutal   Güet,   Bühler   Group,   Bundesamt   für   Bauten   und Logistik,   Camping   Delta,   Carl   und   Elise   Elsener-Gut   Stiftung,   Ciba Specialty     Chemicals,     Comfortrust,     Creation     AG,     Credit     Swiss, Dätwyler    Cables,    Dätwyler    Rubber,    Degussa,    Diego    Bally    Identity Branding,   EMPA,   Eschler   AG,   ETH   Zürich   Department   of   Architecture, ETH    Zürich    Department    of    Civil,    Environmental    and    Geomatic Engineering,   Eglin   Ristic   AG,   Eklipse,   Elmed   Messtechnik,   Erny   B2B Marketing   &   Communication,   Expomobilia,   Ferag   AG,   Fermin   Group AG,    Festival    Blasorchester    Arosa,    FMS    Force    Measuring    Systems, gammaRenax,   GEA   Messo,   Geigenbau   Gerny   Brienz,   Gesellschaft   für Schweizerische   Kunstgeschichte   GSK,   Günterkuster,      Hof3,   Holcim, Holcim   Foundation   for   Sustainable   Construction,   Hotel   Bareiss,   HP Gasser,    Itten    +    Brechbühl,    Karl    Steiner    AG,    KNF    Neuberger, Kongresshaus     Zürich,     LD     Media,     Leica     Microsystems,     LOOQ Designermode   Zürich,   Lucas   coaching   &   training,   Marc   K.   Real   Estate, Meil.ch ,    Micronel,    MIFA    AG    (Migros),    Nova    Werke    AG,    Orascom Development,   pfeil,   Pierino   Ambrosoli   Foundation ,   Pikka,   p+p   project, Radisson    Zürich    Airport,    Redalpine    Venture    Partners    AG,    Rockbolt Systems,   Elisabeth   Rohmert,   M.A. ,   Salvator   Entertainment,   Scobalit, Schreibwerkstatt   Roger   Hausmann,   Schärer   Schweiter   Mettler   AG, SCS   Super   Computing   Systems,   Sekisui   Alveo   AG,   Sika   Sarnafil,   SOS Kinderdorf,      Stäubli      Textile,      Stephanie      Hugentobler      Texterin Konzepterin,   Stiftung   Lilienberg,   Stiftung   Valendas   Impuls,   Stiftung Yayasan    Bina    Sarana    Bhakti,    Suter    Werbung,    Suvretta    House    St. Moritz,   Swiss   Food   Festival,   Technotest   AG,   Tec-Joint,   TFB   Technische Forschung   und   Beratung   für   Zement   und   Beton,   tpc   switzerland   ag, Tradeware    AG,     VBM    Verein    für    Blindenhunde    und    Mobilitätshilfen, VMAX    Global    AG ,    WRH    Marketing    Walter    Reist    Holding,    Zermatt Bergbahnen AG, Zetra International My   sincere   thanks   to   the   many   customers   who   have   placed   their   trust in    WentzWords    over    the    past    three    decades    and    also    to    the copywriters   and   translators   who   collaborate   with   me   as   partners, especially   Stephanie   Hugentobler ,   Marius   Leutenegger ,   Odile   Nerfin , and Daniel Portmann .
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Corporate responsibility WentzWords    is    committed    to    social    justice    and    environmental sustainability.   We   support   refugees   in   Switzerland   from   Ukraine   and other   countries   with   financial   and   material   donations,   integration support,   personal   help,   and   friendship.   We   limit   our   environmental footprint   by   making   conscientious   decisions   especially   in   terms   of mobility,   food,   waste,   resource   consumption,   and   the   businesses   we choose    to    support    or    avoid.    By    supporting    WentzWords,    you indirectly support these efforts. Thank you. WentzWords    has    supported    Velafrica,    a    project    by    Gump-    & Drahtesel,   a   social   organization   sponsored   by   the   Swiss   Foundation for   Social   Innovation,   since   2012.   During   that   time   we   have   donated well over 100 bicycles which the foundation has sent to Africa.
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WentzWords has been proofreading for LafargeHolcim since 1998. Our competencies in marketing and building constructon both come into play here. Consistent usage of EU terminology and official wording is necessary for proper translation of EPDs. Today we serve the fourth generation of this family-run business, for which we have translated practically every type of text imaginable.
Examples of our texts
Article on artificial turf for the technical journal "Stadia." My knowledge of architectural history was important in this translation.
Click to read the books. (Client: Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction)
Click to hear a WentzWords translation. (Client: Creation AG)
WentzWords has been delivering English to Sika for over 20 years. Complete sales catalog for various formwork and scaffolding systems -- as the master version for translation into French, Italian and Spanish.
Industrious – the exhibition
When professional image and correct wording are critical, WentzWords is glad to take responsibility. Amrein Wohnen was satisfied with our translation of their previous website, so they asked us to translate their new website too.  We have supported the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction since its inception in 2003.
Your message in eloquent English 
The English is carefully written to be clearly understood by non-native English speakers. WentzWords has edited many issues of Staubli Flash customer magazine. ... and Tradeware calls WentzWords for English translation services. WentzWords handled the English translation -- from A to Z. The language is fresh, friendly, and professional. The foundation gave WentzWords the responsibility for both the English and German text. When updating the room descriptions in their online booking platform, they relied on the five-star service of WentzWords. With many international guests, the company needs English and counts on translations by WentzWords.
Click to hear a WentzWords translation. (Client: Brutal Güet)